Tuesday, May 12, 2009

At Last! The Random Stripes Sweater is Finished!

Here is the sweater that I knitted for my daughter using a free knitting pattern for a random stripes pullover.

I am very pleased with the result. I like the way that the cuffs and the neckline curl up slightly. It makes a nice alternative to ribbed cuffs and edges.

Although my daughter saw me knitting this jumper, I was careful not to let her see me sewing it up, so the finished product was a surprise for her! She was delighted with it and it looks very good on her. It will be a good addition to her winter wardrobe!

I would highly recommend this free knitting pattern. You can create your own colour scheme and use up leftover yarn, if you wish.

I left a larger gap at the neck than that recommended in the pattern as I know that my daughter has a large head and sometimes has difficulty in pulling sweaters over her head. When she tried it on, we found out that the gap I had left was perfect for her. So, if you make this sweater, I would recommend measuring the gap required before sewing up the shoulders.

I am so pleased that I've finally finished this jumper - it took me about a year to complete, due to a lack of free time! I think I'll do a couple of short knitting projects next before embarking upon my next large project.

You can find out the total cost of this project and a little bit more about the design on my previous blog post - Autumn is the time to start knitting in Australia.


Sher said...

Hi Roz,
Great sweater!!!!! That's a very cute pattern and I love the colors!!!

Free patterns can be so great!!! I crochet and usually manage to find free patterns--saves money, and you also end up with a more unique piece of work in the end!!!

Have a great day,
Sher :0)

Roz Andrews said...

Thanks, Sher. My daughter chose the colors and the width of the stripes - she has a very good eye for color!

I agree with you about free patterns - there are so many to choose from on the Internet that I don't think I will ever buy a pattern ever again!

Have a wonderful day over in Prague.

Best wishes,


Emm said...

Heh. Isn't it crazy that it is almost summer in London and yet we are still wearing coats and sweaters! People in the UK say they prefer places with seasons but I have yet to see a summer here!!!

Roz Andrews said...

Hi Emm,

The last few summers in the UK have been unusually cold, as was last winter here in Australia. We even had sleet in Sydney, which is unheard of!!

I do prefer somewhere with seasons, though, and am glad that we ended up in Sydney, where there are four distinct seasons, rather than a part of Australia where it is hot all year round! Perhaps I just like the cold!!

I hope that it will warm up soon in London!

Best wishes,


Emm said...

Heh, the places I most want to move are Brisbane, Dubai, California or Florida. See the theme? No winter!!!

Roz Andrews said...

Just make sure you don't end up in San Francisco! It was quite cold when we visited in September one year and I had to buy a jumper!!

Emm said...

But the Golden Gate bridge would make up for any inclement weather, I am sure!!!

CraftyDragon said...

Very cute sweater!

Roz Andrews said...

Hi CraftyDragon, Thanks!

Glynis said...

That is a sweet jumper, I love the curled sleeves effect. Well done on finishing it. The pattern is ideal for all colours and to be free is an added bonus.

Roz Andrews said...

Hi Glynis, Thanks! I like the curled sleeves effect too - and it is very easy to do!

The pattern is very versatile and it's great that it's free!

Best wishes,


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